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Clinical Learning and Simulation Program (CLSP), Rady Faculty of Health Sciences

Lezlie Brooks
Standardized patient educator/ clinical teaching coordinator/ cultural communication instructor, Clinical Learning and Simulation Program

Lawrence Gillman
Director, Clinical Learning and Simulation Program; Associate professor, Department of Surgery
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Curtis Shonoski
Business manager, Clinical Learning and Simulation Program

Tim Webster
Standardized patient educator, Clinical Learning and Simulation Program
Brief biography:
Tim Webster is an experienced Standardized Patient (SP) Educator having started with the University of Manitoba as an SP in 1994, piloting and implementing the Male Urogenital Teaching Associates (MUTA) Program in 1998, and becoming an SP Educator in 2004.  He has organized and prepared simulations for every healthcare field taught at the Rady Faculty Health Sciences, and participated as the lead SP Trainer for the Medical Council of Canada’s Winnipeg Centre since 2005. Between 2014 and 2016 he helped establish five new MUTA Programs in western Canada, and in 2019 accepted the position of Chair for the Association of SP Educators (ASPE) GTA/MUTA Special Interest Group. In 2019 he completed a master’s degree in education, which culminated in a quantitative research study confirming the efficacy of templates in compiling case information for SPs.  He is a contributing author to ASPE’s GTA-MUTA Standards of Best Practice (SoBP) published in 2021 and a co-author on ASPE’s forthcoming Physical Exam Teaching Associate (PETA) SoBPs.

Dr. Gerald Niznick College of Dentistry

Nancy Auyeung
Director, CPD Dentistry and Dental Hygiene; Dentist

Kaleigh Warden       
Faculty, senior clinical coordinator (dentistry and dental hygiene)

Max Rady College of Medicine

Rafiq Andani      
Assistant professor, Department of Family Medicine; Clinical practice: oncology, ER, critical care

Chris Barnes 
Clinical educator/Instructor, Master of Physician Assistant Studies, ER/Remote Medicine

Wenjing He
Research associate
Brief biography:
PhD thesis work on surgical teamwork assessment using psychomotor evidence. She is interested in surgical simulation education and research.

Mahwash Saeed      
Assistant professor, Department of Internal Medicine (cardiology); Director of curriculum

Giuseppe Retrosi        
Assistant professor, Department of Surgery; Master in Surgical Education
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Luke Vanderhooft        
Simulation Fellowship, Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine

College of Nursing

Nicole Harder        
Associate professor; Associate dean (undergraduate nursing programs); Mindermar Professor in Human Simulation, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences
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Sufia Turner  
Instructor; Simulation program lead
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Vladan Protudjer        
Instructor II
Brief biography:
College of Nursing; course leader for 4th year undergraduate specialty clinical course; teach "Interprofessional and Collaborative Practice" course.

Kimberly Workum
Director, clinical competence assessment centre and digital strategy

College of Pharmacy

Sheila Ng
Instructor II
Brief biography:
B.Sc.Pharm, Doctorate of Pharmacy, have worked in pharmacy skills lab development and implementation using simulation for 10+ years.

College of Rehabilitation Sciences

Sandra Biesheuvel
Senior instructor, Department of Respiratory Therapy
Brief biography:
Developing skills labs and simulation in respiratory therapy education for 10+ years.

Puck Mai       
Instructor, Department of Respiratory Therapy; Chair of Admissions/Selections Committee


Steven Hunt


André Lacroix        
Advanced care paramedic, City of Winnipeg Fire Paramedic  Service
Brief biography:
Just shy of 3 years ago was promoted to training officer of paramedic education.  As part of my portfolio, I am the simulation coordinator for the EMS training branch.


Yannick Frechette      
Anesthesiologist at St. Boniface Hospital, Grace Hospital, Pan Am Clinic
Brief biography:
Anesthesiologist, Fellowship Simulation and Medical Education U of Ottawa 2015-2016. Simulation Lead for Anesthesia Department, newly appointed Royal College examiner.

Noam Katz      
Emergency physician, St. Boniface Hospital
Brief biography:
Work in Gimli, MB emergency and Kenora, ON emergency departments. Do in situ simulation in St. Boniface ER, assist with various simulation for FRCPC EM residents. CPOCUS/EGLS ultrasound instructor for MDs/residents.

Javier Webar
Brief biography:
Anesthesiologists, Regional Anesthesia / Chronic Pain Fellowships. Experience in In Situ simulation including interdisciplinary.


Jennifer Fosty        
Flight nurse and clinical educator
Brief biography:
Flight nurse and clinical educator at Stars; in process of completing Masters of Education for Health Care Professionals.

Brent Bekiaris        
Flight paramedic and mobile education lead
Brief biography:
Flight paramedic and mobile education lead; Chair of PAM