Faculty Resources for Resident Research


What is a Resident Research Coordinator?

A Resident Research Coordinator (RRC) is the faculty member that is primarily responsible for overseeing the residents conducting research in your department.  

What are my duties as a Resident Research Coordinator?
  • Provide support and guidance for the residents conducting research in your department
  • Ensure that the residents are aware of all available research resources

To help you achieve the second goal, we have established the Resident Research Coordinator Council.

What is the Resident Research Coordinator Council (RRCC)?

The RRCC is a committee comprised of all Resident Research Coordinators. If you are an RRC you are automatically a member of this council and are invited to attend the biannual meetings and contribute to the monthly email correspondence. The goal of the RRCC is to improve the resident research experience as a whole through communication and collaboration.

Next RRCC Meeting: TBA
What is the RRCC Newsletter?

The RRCC Newsletter provides a forum for more frequent communication and collaboration between RRCC meetings. The newsletter is distributed monthly, based on content submitted and frequency of upcoming events.

Who receives the RRCC Newsletter?

The RRCC Newsletter is circulated to all Resident Research Coordinators. Copies of this newsletter are also sent to all Residency Program Directors to make sure that everyone is on the same page. We encourage these recipients to forward the newsletter to any interested staff or trainees.

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How can I get involved in Resident Research?

Contact the PGME Resident Research Administrator at PgmeRRA@umanitoba.ca for more information or meet with the Resident Research Coordinator for your department.