Trainee Forms & Processes

Absence (LOA), Moonlighting & Waiver of Training

*Note Regarding Leaves of Absence: In addition to submitting your LOA request in Entrada, Residents are required to complete the Shared Health Request for LOA Form and submit it to  at least (4) weeks prior to the commencement of the leave. If the form is not completed and submitted within the timeframe, the residents cannot pre-pay their benefits once they commence their leave of absence.


Credit for Previous Training
Completion of Training 

Concurrent Curriculum

Trainees who wish to be simultaneously enrolled in their PGME program and a separate degree, certificate, or diploma program through the UM must request permission for concurrent curriculum privileges. Permission must be obtained from both programs of study. Please refer to the PGME process for dual registration.

Criminal Record Checks

Be sure to apply early as it may take up to two months to obtain a Criminal Record Check.
For Winnipeg Residents:
Please reference the following links for Registry and Record check information and applicable forms:

For Non-Winnipeg Residents:
A Criminal Record Check from your home city must be completed and forwarded to the CPSM and PMAO.

Educational Handover

Limited Prescribing Program

MyMBT Messaging

All Postgraduate trainees are required to use MyMBT messaging for secure text messaging and image sharing between health-care providers.

New Trainee Registration Manual

New Trainee Checklists


Proof of Enrollment

Trainees are often asked for Proof of Enrollment by external institutions such as banks or housing offices. Requests for these letters should be made via email to the following institutions: 

  • Shared Health-Funded Trainees - contact PMAO
  • Visa-Sponsored Trainees - contact PGME

Shared Health Forms

Trainee Handbook


If you require verification of residency the fee and consent form must be completed and sent to the PGME Office.  Verifications are completed on a monthly bases.