As of June 1, 2022 anyone with a UM email address is required to participate in a second layer of security that will help protect the integrity of their account. This email authentication process is similar to 2-step platforms where a notification is sent to a secondary device in order to ensure the security of the user.


UManitoba utilizes a "multi-factor authentication" (MFA) process where a message is sent to an app on your personal device (such as a cell phone) to verify your identity.


AS OF JANUARY 29, 2024 DUO will no longer be utilized as an MFA. 


What should I do?

Please set up the Microsoft Entra MFA app on your phone. During this process if you have any questions, contact IST Service Desk 204-474-8600 or

What will I need?

You’ll need both a computer and your mobile device at the same time to set up your UM account onto the app. 

You will also need your UM email address and password. These instructions were sent when your academic appointment was completed, if you need the information again contact

What are the instructions?

SHARED HEALTH USERS (or anyone already using Microsoft Entra MFA)

On your computer, sign into your UM account

  • From menu on left, choose Security Info
  • Click Add sign-in then choose “Authenticator App” and click Add
  • Ignore the “Start by getting the App” notice and click "next" twice through both pop-up windows until you see the QR code

On your device:

  • Ensure Microsoft MFA has access to your camera and that you’ve allowed notifications. This can be set up in your device’s settings.
  • Open Microsoft MFA on your device.
  • Click the +  sign at the top right.
  • When you see “What kind of account?” select “work or school”
  • When you see the option appear to “Scan QR code”, point your camera at the QR code on your computer.
  • If the QR code doesn’t work the first time, click “back” then “next” to generate a new code.

Your UM email account should now be set up.

On your computer:

  • Click “next” by the QR code you scanned and/or refresh your screen.
  • You should now see “Microsoft Authenticator” added under your security info.


NON-SHARED HEALTH USERS (or anyone who doesn't already have the Microsoft Entra MFA)

Step 1. Download and install the Microsoft Authenticator app

Visit the Apple app store or Google play store on your device and install the Microsoft Authenticator app. Alternatively, visit and download the Microsoft Authenticator app.

Step 2. Add your account to the app

  1. On your computer, visit
  2. Select Add Sign-in method > Authenticator app.
  3. Follow the wizard experience to setup the Authenticator app. You will scan a QR Code using the mobile app and test the push notification as part of this process. (For step-by-step instructions, visit Set up Entra multi-factor authentication.)

Step 3. Change your default sign-in to the Authenticator app

To ensure that you are prompted to sign-in using push notifications:

  1. Visit
  2. Select Default sign-in method > Change.
  3. Choose the App based authentication – notification option.


After January 29, 2024, once you have successfully operated the Microsoft Entra MFA on your device, then you can delete the DUO app. Please refrain from deleting it until you've been successful with Microsoft Entra MFA on January 29, 2024.




Every year, all staff, students, and faculty with an email address must change their password and re-accept the user agreement. Below are the steps required to complete this. If you experience any difficulty, please call UM IST at 204-474-8600 for assistance Monday to Friday 8:00am to 8:00pm.

  1. On any device connected to the Internet, log into signUM using your UMNETID.Copy and paste into a browser to go to the login page. Click on the "Click here to begin" button.
  2. Go to My Information.
  3. Select Change Password.
  4. Change your password and click Apply.
  5. Select Usage Agreement Information.
  6. Select Re-accept Usage Agreement.
  7. Click I Agree.


If you have never claimed your UM email address, please look to the headings above for the NEW PRECEPTORS INFO page. Once you're there, follow the first step "Activate UM online account".