Student Handbook 

Goals and Objectives
•    Provide an opportunity to explore Family Medicine as a career
•    Provide an opportunity to explore career possibilities in communities that students may be considering working in
•    Allow the student to gain more experience in Family Medicine
•    Provide students with clinical experiences in the management of patient problems in a variety of primary care settings. Emphasis will be on skills of interviewing, physical assessment, data gathering and contextual patient care
•    Provide students in rural electives with the opportunity to develop skills in a less formal setting and offer hands-on exposure to a wide range of medical situations that are often not available in a larger urban teaching centre


Orientation and Debriefing

  • The rotation begins with the FM Orientation to the rotation where the students are provided with the information about the rotation and Assessments (ECP, Field Notes, MITER, FITER). The second part of the orientation is a whole group teaching session about common clinical scenarios. Students sign the Travel Claim Form for processing their travel expenses. One round trip is covered by the department. (Exception is rotation over the holidays.)
  • The first day clinic instructions, day to day schedule and accommodation details will be provided by the clinic manager / clinic assistant. Students will receive information via email prior to their orientation.
  • The first week is filled with the Family Medicine and Public Health sessions held on the campus.
  • At the debriefing students talk about experiences and unusual and interesting cases and complete the evaluation of the rotation. Students must submit their Field Notes at the debriefing.

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