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Publication Name Publication Date Reported By Publication Link
Optimizing Primary Care Through Learning Health Systems November 2023 Backo-Shannon, M., Singer, A., and Reid, R. Presentation Link
Deperscribing in older patients, a work-in-progress RCT: SPIDER November 2023

Singer, A; Harvey, K; Kosowan, L; Marasinghe, DH; Greiver, M; Dahrouge, S; Manca, D; Grandy, M; Garies, S; Jean-Xavier, C

Presentation Link
SPIDER Feasibility: a structured approach to quality improvement November 2023

Michelle Greiver, Simone Dahrouge, Patricia O’Brien, Donna Manca, Alex Singer, Marie-Therese Lussier, Celine Jean-Xavier

Presentation Link
Implementing Primary and
Community Care (PACC) Mapping to
support COVID-19 vaccine uptake in
western Canada
November 2023 Elka Humphrys, Amanda D. Frazer, Aleah Ross, Alexander Singer, Morgan Price Presentation Link

An analysis of sex differences and socioeconomic deprivation among Canadian children with high blood pressure: a retrospective, cross sectional study

June 2023 Telencoe S, Singer A, Kosowan L, Dart AB Publication Link
Psychiatric consultation: Characteristics, satisfaction, and referrer perceptions of opportunities July 2023 Dorothy Yu, Jane Moody, Alexander G Singer, Jitender Sareen Jennifer Hensel Publication Link
Tolerability of bedtime diuretics: A prospective cohort analysis June 2023

Scott R Garrison, Michael Kelmer, Tina Korownyk, Michael R Kolber, Gary Michael Allan, Jeffrey Bakal, Alexander Singer, Alan Katz, Finlay Mcalister, Raj S Padwal, Richard Lewanczuk, Michael D Hill, Kimberlyn McGrail, Braden O'Neill, Michelle Greiver, Donna P Manca, Dee Mangin, Sabrina T Wong, Jessica E M Kirkwood, James P McCormack, Jack M S Yeung, Lee Green

Publication Link
Less is more unless it's sleep or toilet paper: Non-traditional lipoproteins for cardiovascular risk June 2023

Allison Paige, Betsy Thomas, G. Michael Allan, Jennifer Potter

Publication Link
Reducing death rattle at the end of life July 2023 Jen Potter, Christina S. Korownyk Publication Link
Strategies used in scaling-up eConsult across Canadian provinces June 2023

Mylaine Breton, Mélanie Ann Smithman, Catherine Lamoureux-Lamarche, Erin Keely, Gerard Farrell, Alexander Singer, Maxine Dumas Pilon, Paula Louise Bush, Véronique Nabelsi, Isabelle Gaboury, Marie-Pierre Gagnon, Carolyn Steele Gray, Catherine Hudon, Kris Aubrey-Bassler, Regina Visca, Élizabeth Côté-Boileau, Justin Gagnon, Véronique Deslauriers, Clare Liddy

Publication Link
Risk of muscle symptoms while taking statins May 2023 Jamie Falk, Allison Paige, Nicolas Dugré and G. Michael Allan Publication Link
Approach to atrial fibrillation - Essentials for primary care," was recently published in Canadian Family Physician April 2023 Alan Bell, Jason G. Andrade, Laurent Macle, Kim A. Connelly, Lisa LaBine and Alexander G. Singer Publication Link
Attitudes of people with multiple sclerosis toward brain donation January 2023

Marrie RA, Kosowan L, Cutter GR, Fox RJ, Salter A.

Publication Link

Validation of a case definition to identify patients diagnosed with cardiovascular disease in Canadian primary care practices

January 2023 Thomas RD, Kosowan L, Rabey M, Bell A, Connelly KA, Hawkins NM, Casey CG, Singer AG Publication Link